Tangible Outcomes (Providing Employment)

Tangible Outcomes

The Mahasainik Industrial Estate will have comprehensive and robust infrastructural development to offer the following tangible outcomes:-

a)   Employment Generation Capability-
            1) Direct employment jobs -1000
            2) Indirect employment jobs -1500
            3) Entrepreneurs – 1000 (To be trained in one year)

The estate will proactively promote various following initiatives.

  • Training Centre and Incubation Centre
  • Entrepreneurship Development Institute
  • Common Facility Centre

b)   Each micro industry will incur approx 50 % less administrative and marketing expenses by sharing common resources.

c)   Each micro industry will experience ease of manufacturing and doing business.

d)    The ex-servicemen entrepreneurs will get long term production opportunities for successfully developing their entrepreneurship.

e)    Estate Annual Turnover – Rs 90,00,00,000/- (Rupees Ninety Crores Only).

f)    The similar estates for MSMEs will get replicated in other states for re-employment of ex-servicemen, their dependents and disabled soldiers.

g)    Industries will avail common opportunities viz credit facilities, concessional procurement of plant / machinery and raw materials, marketing outlets, seminar-cum-exhibition, training and incubation centres.

h)    With facilities of incubation center, skill development center, and on-the-job technical training at the estate, approximately 1000 ex-servicemen will be annually trained for developing their entrepreneurial skills.

i)    Residential accommodation for 200 trainees.

j)    State-of-the-Art infrastructural facilities, high-tech industrial opportunities & ambitious training initiatives will have a synergizing and multiplier effect for keeping up high industrial spirit in the estate.

k)    Low cost and high quality manufacturing will take place by complementing production processes of various shops.

l)    Holistic industrial eco-system, long term sustainable growth and self-reliant community of ex-servicemen-entrepreneurs will get developed.