Follow-up post allotment

Follow-up action post offer of the industrial flats

The applicant is communicated about the offer. The applicant inspects the allotted industrial flat, all the compliances to be adhered to while operating at MSIE are explained in detail. The terms and conditions applicable and doubts clarified if any. The applicant is asked to confirm acceptance with in stipulated time period. In case of reservations, the same can be made in writing. On case to case basis, based on the merit and availability of the Industrial flats the request will be entertained, solely at the discretion of the board of directors.

Execution of Leave & License Agreement

The leave and license agreement is executed on the stamp paper of suitable denomination and registered at the registrar’s office. The cost of the legal stamp paper and registration fee will be borne by the applicants. The applicant is given the original copy of the Leave and license agreement. The applicant gives a copy of the compliances applicable to him as per product including the clearance from MPCB to MSIE.

Follow-up post taking over of the Industrial Flats by the applicant

The applicant plans the layout of the plant and machinery and identifies the power point for the same. The applicant applies for approval of the electric layout & Mezzanine floor and implements the same after getting the approval from MSIE. The applicant can take help of MSIE for implementation of the approved layout if required.

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