Eligibility Criteria


During various interactions the format of application were handed over, and made aware of the information to be furnished with supporting documents.Applicants who are in possession of the ESM Identity card issued by Zila Sainik Board with the condition of “eligible for the benefits of state Govt assisted projects” are prioritized for allotment of Industrial flats.

The eligibility and priority of the ESM beneficiaries (Ex-servicemen & their dependents) as stipulated in Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (A) (1) by State Govt, as enumerated below has been adhered while priotirising the applications for allotment :

  1      Ex-Servicemen.
  2      Wife of defence personnel who met death for the cause of nation.
  3      Son/daughter of defence personnel, met death for the cause of nation.
  4      Disabled/ injured soldier during war or due to his service in defence force.
  5      Disabled ex-servicemen.
  6      Widow of ex-servicemen.
  7      Children of ex-servicemen.
Acceptance of the applications

The applications with supporting documents like project report for startups and Income Tax return for past years (as applicable) for existing entrepreneur amongst other documents are accepted by post / personally / online .

Details of applicants

The applicants were broadly divided in to two group start-up (Industrial / non-Industrial) and existing enterprise based on the profile of the products manufactured/ intending to manufacture.

Compilation Table

The application and project repot submitted was studied for all relevant details. The compilation table are drawn up to ensure that the applicant meets all the prerequisite and thus, ensuring deserving applicants are not overlooked due to omission / mistake at any level.

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